Our Story

Our sister company ‘Creative Surface Solutions’ offers manufacturing for natural stone from brands such as Silestone and Compac. We supply high quality quartz and granite for any kitchen and bathroom space.


Worktop Fabrications firmly believe that if you are standing still you are moving backwards; as such they continually search for new decors, finishes and products to enhance your offering. Some examples which demonstrate this commitment to innovation are; the first manufacturer to introduce Sparks Laminates, the First manufacturer to introduce Solid Acrylic Work Surfaces, the first manufacturer to introduce Acrylic Panelling.

Strategic Partnerships

Worktop Fabrications don’t just buy laminate from its supplier, its works with them collaboratively to develop new products. Believe it or not we were the first to introduce sparks post formed worktops; before us everyone said that it wasn’t possible to post form sparks laminate. As such customers of Worktop Fabrication benefit from these partnerships by being the first to have access to a continuous pipeline of new products.

Customer Service

As a small company Worktop Fabrications are able to deliver a personal and effective service to its customers; and in the event of issues arising…you will have the names, and direct phone numbers of dedicated sales and customer services representatives who can assist. Given our streamlined operation we are able to offer short lead times, and small minimum order quantities; teamed with our personal customer services we can react to changes / issues quickly and effectively.


Worktop Fabrications source laminate from a wide range of the worlds leading laminate manufacturers; by maintaining independence from a single brand we can cherry pick the very best decors and stay at the cutting edge of design.


New equipment, first class raw materials, specialist / well trained staff, in house maintenance teams and a thorough quality control process ensure that products are of the highest possible quality.


We supply not only work surfaces but also splashbacks, upstands, compact and solid surface

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