Accessories are important to consider as they can have a huge impact over the finished look.  Upstands are small subtle panels which are designed to cover just enough of the wall to protect from splashes, but not so much as to dominate the design; used in place of tiles…they are cheaper, faster install and more hygienic than tiles. 

Laminate worktop upstands are a stylish and practical option for any home. We produce laminate upstands to match with all of the designs in our laminate worktop collection, providing a practical, attractive alternative to tiling right down to a work surface to create a sleek, cohesive look throughout your kitchen.

Laminate worktop upstands are easy to install and can be fixed in place using a waterproof silicone. Comprised of a composite chipboard core and a durable laminate decorative top layer, these upstands can be cut to size easily on site, using a jigsaw or circular saw.