Compact Laminate

Get the look and feel of Quartz, at the price of a laminate!

What is Compact Laminate:

Normal laminate worktops have a thin layer of laminate which is bonded onto a  chipboard core. Compact laminate is in produced by pressing many layers of laminate together to create a self supporting, and waterproof material in its own right!



Because the material is in essence a solid laminate throughout, there is no chipboard…which means the worktop is 100% water proof.  In Fact this material has been used for years in shower cubicles and exterior building cladding…its is only recently the material has found a use as a worktop surface.


As with any laminate worktop, they are scratch resistant and care free

DIY Friendly

With standard DIY tool a worktop can be cut, polished and installed on site…contrary to quartz and granite which has to be installed by specialists.

Cheaper than stone equivalents

Given the worktop can be cut on site, the costs is significantly less than a quartz or granite alternative

Decor Selection:

12mm Compact:
10mm FENIX NTM Compact:
10mm FENIX NTA Compact: